lundi 17 janvier 2011

Marketing in globalization - Master AINI Paris Ouest


This lecture is built and developed for the students of the Master Program "Affaires internationales et négociation interculturelle". This course is an adaptation to the global context of our basic marketing course (cours de marketing général). It aim to give an understanding of marketing pratices and theories in a consumer global culture.It will be taught in english and in french.


  • An introduction to main concept of marketing : concept of segmentation, positioning and the marketing mix. PDF, 3 Mo 
  • Marketing at globalization era : through some pictures of the world setting the challenge that recents economical, political and cultural evolutions of the world bring to international firms International marketing strategyZip, 5.3 Mo
  • Adaptation and/or standardisation policies question : the heart of the international marketing question
  • Problem of markets segmentation : a global framework or a local necessity? International segmentation, 2.4 Mo
  • Global branding : toward mega brand, crossing cultures  Global branding (Zip, 3.8 Mo
  • International product launching process. Pacing and categorization Product Launch (Zip, 7.3 Mo 
  • International pricing and the parallel exportation problem. How to take advantage of price sensibility heterogeneity and prevent threathens from arbitrage Zip, 3.9 Mo Heterogeneity of distribution structures and globalisation of the buyer/seller relationship

Writing a case study about an international marketing operation as a new product launching, a global communication campaign, the developing of a global distribution network or comparative analysis of consumer behavior. The final assignement is due for the 15th of march.

Cases for 2011-2012 :

  • Orange Afrique - l'innovation pour l'adaptation locale / Charline Crosnier, Eloise Lamy, Simon Tchokonte et Liz Robertson

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